Lichty Construction Incorporated - Nebraska Certified Green Builder - O'Neill, Nebraska - Specializing in Home Construction and Remodeling in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa


"Quality construction
at an affordable price"

Our flatwork projects are done with pride and customer satifaction:

  • area is prepped, packed with sand
  • rebar grid connected to foundation
  • fiberglass used for strength
  • graded slope for ease of drainage
  • all basements have poured walls
  • openers on each garage door with lifetime guarantee
  • basement plumbing rough in
  • tile around the exterior foundation goes to sump pump wheen needed.

Lichty Construction is state and locally licensed and fully insured. We specialize in new construction, additions and remodels.

We believe it's realistic to expect to be in a home in 3 to 5 months once framing begins. The only variance of move in date would be weather delays, home owner making multiple changes during the building process or special order items with lengthy delivery schedules.

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