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Building green....

incorporates a whole building design approach into every phase of the building process including

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Water efficiency
  • Lot development

“Green” is the unique use of resources, like energy, water, recycled materials and land in a more efficient manner than buildings that are just built to code.

Reduced maintenance & increased home value

While current building codes establish a baseline of standards to protect your safety, green built homes use materials that are more durable and construction practices that exceed code requirements. As a result your home’s performance is enhanced, maintenance reduced and resale value elevated to a new level!

Things to Remember:

Because each home is different and each family’s reasons for building green is different, priorities need to be set when selecting products. That is why using a Nebraska Certified Green BuilderSM is so important to guide you through the green build process.

Green building can be incorporated into any home at any price level. It can be as comprehensive as a complete interior and exterior green build design or as simple as incorporating ENERGYSTAR lighting or appliances into one part of your home.

Choosing a Nebraska Certified Green Builder SM is essential to the process. Any builder can profess to understand green building, but only a builder certified by the Nebraska Green Build Council can deliver! Having your home built by a certified builder means that you are provided with an independent, third-party verification that the home meets green building standards and performance measures.

Green home building produces healthier homes that operate much more efficiently, save energy, water, resources – and money too! Green Building is truly an investment in our future!

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